Thursday, November 27, 2008

t giving

Dear God,

I am thankful for my grandma. She made me soy chocolate breadpudding with syrup and walnuts. I love her and I love soy. I did not eat any turkey today but its okay because I had soy bread pudding and soy milk in my coffee. I think that is great that she accepted my soy needs and did not discriminate on me during the holiday season.

God bless soy <3
Love you.

Love Always,

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Melinda said...

I like the name of your blog! I am Australian and lactose intolerant and it is now quite usual here to get coffee with soy milk in cafes (at least in the cities). But recently I was in Singapore and there was NO SOY MILK at any cafe except for Starbucks and equivalent big chain coffee stores. The waitress/waitor would just stare at me when I asked for a coffee with soy milk. Why is it so difficult???
I hear you.